How to Sell

3 Easy Steps to Sell

Create Account

Register using your e-mail and phone number. Make sure you’re entering a correct phone number so that your clients can reach you. Check your email for a verification link. Verify your account and you are good to go. Create an account now.

Prepare Your Item

Make photos of your item. Make sure the picture is very clear and has high resolution. Ad image maximum size is 800kb. You can compress your image size at Your free Ads package is free forever, however the posted Ads Expire every 30 days but you can reactivate them again from your profile when you login. You can post unlimited number of Ads. Featured Ads are shown first at the top in a slider. It catches the attention of more buyers.

Post Ad

Click Post New Ad and choose a proper category, upload your photos and write a clear title and full description of your item. Enter a fair price. Admin will approve your Ads after reviewing it. You also can enable bidding on your Ads. Do you want to get more views and sales? Check out our Package prices.

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